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Welcome to a Farm stay that values You AND the Planet!

The Lilac Farm is a rustic farm stay located an hour away from Bangalore city- run entirely on clean energy and zero waste. We created this space (formerly a dairy farm, now a rescue farm) as a labour of love-  for our guests to slow down, reconnect with nature, and even gain a greater appreciation for handpicked, cruelty free produce. Bring your kids, loved ones, pets, (or just yourself!) here to swim in our natural ponds, delight in our homemade treats, enjoy the fresh open air, and much more!

About Us

We're a mother-daughter duo deeply devoted to sustainability and plant-based lifestyle, and we're elated you're joining us on this adventure!

My passion for creative, seasonal, farm to table cooking, paired with my mother's mission of zero-waste organic living, led to the birth of

The Lilac Farm! 

Our vision is a cruelty free and conscious world, and we're so excited to get there with you! :) 


How to reach

Lilac Farms is nestled in a gorgeous village not too far from Bangalore city- and just past Nandi Hills, another popular destination for local travellers! Please do reach out to us if you’d like help booking a ride.

By Road: For those driving down to the farm, do not follow the Google maps location - follow the location attached on the side

By Cab: For those who wish to come via cab, Uber/ Ola outstation is easily available. Contact us for more
By Rail: The closest station by train is Thondebavi, from which you can easily request an auto to take you the rest of the way!

By Rent: For our adventurous friends, renting a bike/ car is a great and economical option! The views to the farm are 100% worth the drive!

Our Animals

All our babies are rescues, contact us if wish to be a passive donor!



Come cuddle our sweet Guniea Pigs at the farm. Feed them farm fresh carrots, hay, juicy tomatoes and watch them nibble!


Meet Bella, our handsome rescue Pony. He lives in our shed, enjoying the sun and grazing away! He loves to play with his barn-mates, his best friend <Other pony name> and being fed juicy carrots!



Titli is our sweetest (and most popular) girl at the farm! She LOVES treats and a good head scratch- she also loves greeting guests!


Meet our sweet rescued cows- Kaju, Makhana, Chia, Karan and Arjun! They love fresh hay- so be sure to ask one of us if you’d like to feed them, and make an unexpected friend!


Our gorgeous rescue dogs are the perfect company for your stay! Swim with Ayesha, or share a banana with Nyla- you’ll find them napping in every corner of the farm!

Sitana laticeps (Fan Throated Lizard).jpeg


Our feisty hens and roosters love to wake us up at the crack of dawn! Be sure to catch the sunrise on the deck and hear them in all their glory.


Wild Critters

Lilac farm is home to dozens of critters in all shapes and sizes! Don’t be surprised if you encounter a few unexpected friends during your stay. 



You can virtually adopt any of our rescued animals. To know more about this facility contact us at 8951267963!

Our Reviews


"Both Anitha and her daughter Christina thoroughly understand SHARAN lifestyle which is whole, plant based, and organic. They have benefitted with this lifestyle and hence are passionate about spreading this. Lilac Farm is one of the very few places where one can get whole plant based organic food in natural healing surroundings and at a very reasonable price. A must visit for anyone who wants a shift in consciousness."


"It's a heaven place to be. Beautiful ambience, Great Vegan food, Cute puppies and of course the organically grown farm. Spending a day at Lilac farm was in itself sufficient to rejuvenate my brain cells. Highly recommended, if you want to escape your work life and take a break to get closer to the Mother Earth."


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Lilac farm. Being a non vegetarian I was very curious to try vegan food, and honestly loved the experience. Coming here was a breath of fresh air. Something I really needed, especially after being pretty much at home due to the Pandemic. Christina and her mom did a great job taking us around the place. The drive was beautiful. Can't wait to come here again!

A green haven with variety of fruit and vegetable plants that serves only vegan and healthy meals

The Lilac Farm, Someshettihalli, Bangalore rural Karnataka 561210

9360311356/ 8904186427

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